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Fix the Hurt – Mesa, AZ


. . .one hundred and twenty five years ago, a doctor and lawmakers teamed up to make it a crime for a man to abuse his wife. One hundred and twenty five years later, Domestic Violence is still increasing.

For years we have been fighting the Domestic Violence battle. Tale, after tale, after tale are told by those who work to end domestic violence. We tell people the stories, they are appalled, they are impressed, and they go home and forget. This normal human tendency has caused continuous frustration for people working to save victims and bring awareness about this important issue.




Linda King and her husband, John King, launched Fix The Hurt as a platform for creating impactful educational and training programs and artistic performances that engage audiences so they do not return home to forget what they have seen but instead are empowered to help in preventing and reducing domestic and dating violence.

Our Mission

Increase awareness of domestic and dating violence through education, training and performing arts in order to significantly reduce the number of abused.

Our Vision

Become nationally implemented as an effective educational program for the prevention and reduction of domestic and dating violence.

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