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Gilbert’s Olympic Team Member: Sarah Robles driven to set U.S. weightlifting records

Council Special Meeting

Gilbert Municipal Center, Council Chambers, 50 East Civic Center Drive Thursday, June 28, 2012, 7:00 p.m.

Recognition of Sarah Robles for qualifying for the 2012 Olympics.

Source: – By Roxanna Scott, USA TODAY

As part of USA TODAY Sports’ “100 Olympic hopefuls in 100 Days” series, prospective U.S. Olympians give their thoughts on the Games in their own words.

  • Sarah Robles poses for a portrait at the U.S. Olympic Committee Media Summit in Dallas on May 13.By Jim Cowsert, US PresswireSarah Robles poses for a portrait at the U.S. Olympic Committee Media Summit in Dallas on May 13.

By Jim Cowsert, US Presswire

Sarah Robles poses for a portrait at the U.S. Olympic Committee Media Summit in Dallas on May 13.

Sarah Robles is friends with many of her competitors. But once it’s time to compete, the 23-year-old weightlifter is all business.

Robles said before the U.S. Olympic trials in March, she deleted some fellow competitors from her friends’ list on Facebook.

“I didn’t call them or text them or message them,” says Robles, who trains in Mesa, Ariz. “That sounds very offensive. But I didn’t want us to be rooming together and have one of us make the team, and the other person not. … I didn’t want to be put in that position where there was too much heart invested in each other.”

She went on to lift a personal-best total of 258 kilograms (567.6 pounds) at the trials in Columbus, Ohio, to earn a spot in the London Olympics. The other spot on the U.S. women’s team went to her friend Holley Mangold, who lifted 255 kilograms.

Robles has risen rapidly through the elite ranks of the sport. She gave up a scholarship at Arizona State, where she was a discus thrower, to dedicate her time to weightlifting. She qualified for the 2008 Junior World Championships in her first year competing in the sport. In Colombia, she won the silver medal.

A year later, she was the top U.S. lifter at her first senior world championships. She finished 11th.

Robles also has a friendly relationship with three-time Olympian Cheryl Haworth, whose national collegiate record Robles broke last year.

Haworth is the only American woman to win an Olympic medal in the super heavyweight division of weightlifting. In 2000, she was 17 when she won Olympic bronze in Sydney. That year, American Tara Nott-Cunningham won gold in the women’s flyweight division.

Like Haworth, Robles competes in the super heavyweight division.

I don’t feel any pressure to win a medal. I feel more pressure to just do my best. My coach and I — our opinions are the only opinions that count.

That’s obviously my goal. You don’t go to the Olympics to not come home with a medal.

What keeps pushing me is the goals that I have. I want to break the American records. Snatch, clean and jerk and total. I’ve broken the collegiate national record so I’ve got to work on the other ones too. That would make me the Pan American record-holder. The strongest woman in the western hemisphere. Why not?

Cheryl and I are really good friends. I actually saw her at the Olympic trials. I have deep respect for her and I love her. She’s a really great person. That makes it all the better — to beat her records. She says she wants her records to be broken.

I did a deal with Topps, and I’m on a Topps card. So a lot of the other athletes are going to be on Topps cards as well. I’m gonna take the cards, and if I find the athlete that has the card, I’m gonna have them sign it. I’m gonna feel like such a dork.

If I have tickets, if they give us the ability to watch other sports, I would definitely do so. I always make track and field a priority because I love it. I come from a track and field background. I would love to see taekwondo, judo and those types of things. They have girls that are in my weight class. I would be interested to see big people in other sports. I would like to watch wrestling.

Robles spoke to reporters at the U.S. Olympic Media Summit in Dallas.

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