Welcome to the Women of Gilbert

Women of the SEV

Our Purpose…

The Women of Gilbert* is a participatory organization comprised of talented individuals from all areas of the Southeast Valley.

The Women of Gilbert are committed to fostering and promoting the common interests of women in our communities. The organization is dedicated to encouraging cooperation, networking and education among its members.

Our goals include the preservation and sharing of information through member-generated programs. The organization provides members with educational opportunities by sponsoring hands-on workshops, field trips and community related seminars.

Becoming a member of the Women of Gilbert means being a part of a valued network of women. It offers a golden opportunity to get to know other women in Gilbert and share common goals and experiences. By participating in educational programs and fundraising events, members will increase their knowledge and select project to better our communities.

Although our primary goal is improving our communities, we are also a very social group!

Interested in volunteering with the Women of Gilbert?

Meet new friends, and expand your interest in the Southeast Valley! There’s no better way to get involved than by volunteering.

The Women of Gilbert, as a community organization, depends on members and friends to provide valuable cultural and educational services. Volunteers are essential to our success.

Board Members Wanted!

Interested in joining our Board of Directors?  Board members work together to direct the operations and to organize activities for the Women of Gilbert. Additionally board members may run for officer positions.

Directors and Officers

The Women of Gilbert is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the  membership. Officers are appointed by the Board and both serve voluntarily.

Current Board Positions

  • President:
  • Vice President:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer: 
  • Membership Secretary:  

Current Officer Positions

  • Newsletter Editor:
  • Member-at-Large:
  • Events:
  • Webmaster:

 Board Meetings

The Board meets monthly.  If you would like to attend a Board meeting or become involved in the Women of the Gilbert any other capacity, please contact us.

*A Division of Skipping Stars Productions, LLC

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